Book Review: The Best Travel Writing 2009

One of my favorite gifts for armchair travelers is the annual compilation of travel stories put out by the people at Travelers’ Tales, and The Best Travel Writing 2009: True Stories From Around the World lives up to my expectations.

Best Travel Writing 2009

Best Travel Writing 2009

As with every edition of The Best Travel Writing, the tales come from a variety of destinations across the globe. Far-flung, exotic locations include Antarctica, Cameroon and Mongolia, but as is pointed out in the book’s preface, a lot of travelers have found themselves forced by the economic downturn to look for their travel thrills closer to home, and appropriately, there are also experiences from Colorado, Texas and Minnesota. The stories come from a range of travel writers, but this edition includes a few staple greats like Pico Iyer, Rolf Potts and Jeff Greenwald.

Stories vary from serious to hilarious, or are even both. One of the simplest but most entertaining stories is Susan Van Allen’s contribution “That’s Amore”, about her experiences of flirting with the local men in Italy, and how this behavior has changed over recent decades. And there’s much, much more – The Best Travel Writing 2009 is a great book to dip into whenever an attack of wanderlust strikes.
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