Book Review: Sweet Honey, Bitter Lemons

Italy’s a common destination for travel writers, but not so many of them head to Siciliy and decide to circumnavigate it on a Vespa scooter. But that’s what British travel and food writer Matthew Fort did and it led to his book Sweet Honey, Bitter Lemons: Travels in Sicily on a Vespa.

51-fC696IrL._SL500_AA240_Fort was inspired by an earlier trip to Sicily with his brother, way back in 1973. Something about Sicily got into his blood; Fort thought

Sicily seemed different in some profound, subtle way that I couldn’t put my finger on. It was complex, convoluted, weird.

It turned into 33 years later before Fort got back to Sicily, by which time he had decided that cooking and eating were the keys to understanding the island, and that the best way to spend two months exploring it was on a Vespa scooter named Monica.

Sweet Honey, Bitter Lemons follows not only Fort’s modern day travels and the many interesting Sicilians he meets, but also dips back into his first trip and, most deliciously, even includes a bunch of recipes for some of the local delicacies he discovers on his journey. So be warned – if you haven’t had a solid meal before reading this book, it’s the kind that will definitely make you hungry.
Creative Commons License photo credit: rayced