Book Review: Seeing Central Park

By far one of the most famous parks in the world, if not the most famous, is New York’s Central Park – and if you either aren’t able to get to New York to visit it just yet, or if you’re there and you want to understand every detail of it, then the beautiful new book Seeing Central Park: The Official Guide to the World’s Greatest Urban Park by Sara Cedar Miller is what you need. Miller is the official photographer and historian for the Central Park Conservancy group, and has been for the past 25 years, so there’s not realy a better choice for your photographic and historical guide to the park.

Seeing Central Park

Seeing Central Park

Seeing Central Park is something like a cross between a small coffee table book and a travel guide book. It’s full of beautiful photographs of every aspect of the park, and it is also packed with information about how each part of the park came about. If you had a day or two to wander through the park with this book in hand, it would be an interesting experience to get to know Central Park properly. To help you, there are various maps and diagrams so you’ll have no doubt about which features Miller is referring to. But these don’t intrude too much, so it’s also possible to enjoy the book without ever stepping foot inside Central Park.
Creative Commons License photo credit: chrisbastian44

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