Book Review: Ray Mears Goes Walkabout

British bushcraft and survival expert Ray Mears is probably one of the most appropriate people to write a book about wandering through the Australian outback, and his book Ray Mears Goes Walkabout was published recently to accompany a BBC TV series of the same name. 51uuhnqo6ll_sl500_aa240_It’s a nearly coffee table-sized book, with an appropriate amount of glossy pictures, but with plenty to read as well. The book is divided up into sections looking at topics such as early British exploration in Australia, the rock art of the Aboriginal people, the real desert outback of the country, and a special section on the often overlooked Torres Strait Islands off the north of Australia.

The text includes a mix of Australian history, the current state of the Australian bush, and tales of Ray Mears’ own experiences there. As most people would expect, there are also tales of the dangers of the Australian outback, both in terms of weather and conditions, and the dangerous creatures that can be found there. The book also includes transcripts of interviews or descriptions of stories told by locals who met with Mears during his journey, and would certainly make a great pre-trip read for anyone contemplating an exploration of the Aussie bush.
Creative Commons License photo credit: robstephaustralia