Book Review: Night + Day Athens

Pulse Guides recently started a Night + Day series of guide books and one of their first was Joyce-Ann Gatsoulis’s Night + Day Athens. The goal behind the Night + Day books, which are part of the Cool Cities Series, is to provide travelers with not only the typical daytime sights to see, but also to provide some good tips for enjoying the evenings, and as far as this Athens guide is concerned, they’ve done well.


Joyce-Ann Gatsoulis Night + Day Athens Guide

If you haven’t got too much time for pre-trip reading and research, then the first section of this guide will help you out. It describes the “99 Best of Athens” – three picks for each of three categories. You can find the top three for things like art spaces, dance clubs by the sea, romantic dining, ouzeries, souvlaki places and even sushi restaurants.

There’s more detail in the rest of the guide with a series of three-day itineraries depending on how you want to experience Athens: the classic way, the hip and cool version, the downtown way or the by-the-water version, with information for shopping, hotels, restaurants, nightlife and sightseeing attractions. And if you’re like me and consider the best parts of Greece are actually outside of Athens, then the “Leaving Athens” section will be useful too – it has information on how to enjoy historic towns like Delphi and Olympia or romantic islands like Santorini or Mykonos.
Creative Commons License photo credit: Panoramas