Book Review: Mousejunkies!

There are plenty of Disney World guides out there – and some people would argue that a theme park visitor doesn’t really need to read a whole guide book before a visit – but at least Bill Burke’s Mousejunkies! Tips, Tales and Tricks for a Disney World Fix makes the tips and tricks entertaining – and it’s been put out by the reliably-interesting publisher, Travelers’ Tales.

51bqTVV7MiL._SL500_AA240_Burke first visited Walt Disney World as a kid in 1981, and loved it as all normal kids do, but he didn’t get back there again for almost two decades. In 1998 he flew down to Florida with his wife, and the vacation started badly – but turned out well in the end and started off Burke’s Disney addiction. Burke goes on to introduce some fellow “Mousejunkies”, who feature throughout the rest of the book with some of their personal tips.

There is some standard guide book style information in this book, but it’s introduced most often as part of an anecdote or past Disney travel experience, so it’s very readable. There are, however, also some slightly mind-boggling tables about the costs for various parts of a Disney experience and how they vary from season to season. Chapters on hotels, restaurants and the various rides and attractions give you very detailed information on how to get the best experience, although for me, the overwhelming feeling I’m left with is that these Mousejunkies have spent far too much time at Disney World!