Book Review: Goats From A Small Island

Goats From A Small Island: Grabbing Mallorcan Life By The Horns is, in fact, the third in a series of travel narratives by British travel writer Anna Nicholas, all detailing her experiences as she attempts to slow down life by taking up residence on the Spanish island of Mallorca. But if you haven’t read the first two, Goats From A Small Island certainly stands alone as an entertaining tale of the problems of both building a new life and trying to downsize the old one.

Goats from a Small Island

Goats from a Small Island

Nicholas’s book is basically chapters full of individual anecdotes which together form the narrative of her time in Mallorca. As a Public Relations consultant with a partly-owned firm back in the United Kingdom, she still does some “real work” which often interferes with her Mallorcan experience. At the same time, she is trying to build a cattery on the property in Mallorca where she lives with her husband and eleven year old son. These factors alone lead to plenty of interesting tales.

Throughout the book, there is also much to learn about Mallorcan culture, which seems to be quite individual and certainly not “just Spanish”. As they learn the local language better and hear more about the traditions of the island from their friends and neighbors, we in turn discover a whole lot more about Mallorca – and this proves it’s not just a resort island only good for a beach vacation.

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