Book Review: Fun on Foot in New York

Fun on Foot in New York, by Warwick and Nola Ford, has a long but informative subtitle: “The runners’ and walkers’ guide to New York City and its surrounds in New York State and New Jersey”. This basically sums up exactly what this book is about.

The introductory section of Fun on Foot gives useful background information, which even includes detailed crime statistics if you’re worried about the safety of jogging in the streets of New York City, and information and maps for the New York City Marathon.

The remaining ten chapters take the reader through different regions of New York City, New York state and New Jersey. Each chapter gives details and maps of eight or nine different running routes. Photographs help runners check that they are on the right track. Each chapter concludes with a list of running clubs found in the area.

Whether you’re visiting New York or its surrounds and want to know some convenient routes for a jog or a walk, or are a resident who’s keen to discover some new paths for exercise, you will find Fun on Foot delivers what it promises – although getting out there and actually running is up to you.
Creative Commons License photo credit: Diego_3336