Book Review: Friends Like These

Meeting Ninjas in Japan and a famous sportsman in Australia? Danny Wallace’s book Friends Like These has a long subtitle which goes a fair way to explaining the whole book: “My Worldwide Quest to Find My Best Childhood Friends, Knock on Their Doors, and Ask Them to Come Out and Play”. That’s pretty much exactly what Wallace did, and although this book is getting shelved next to travel narratives, it’s much more a memoir/coming of age story with a bunch of interesting trips involved.

Friends Like These

Friends Like These

It all started when Wallace’s mother sent him a box of his old childhood stuff, and amongst all kinds of memorabilia he found an address book with twelve names in it – his best childhood friends from the various places he lived as a kid. Since he’s about to turn thirty and having something of an early mid-life crisis, he starts a crusade to go out and re-meet each of these twelve friends.

Friends Like These involves a lot of reminiscing, a fair few pints at the pub, and some trips to far-flung destinations including Berlin, Tokyo and Melbourne. Wallace terms his travels “Face-to-Facebook” – one step better than just reconnecting online – and I definitely think a few more trips will be inspired by his tale. A fun read, and food for thought too.
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