Book Review: Australia’s Best Eco-Friendly Holidays

Being an eco-friendly traveler is getting ever higher on the agenda these days and with the new Australia’s Best Eco-Friendly Holidays: Over 1,000 Unique Travel Experiences by Ken Eastwood, part of the Explore Australia series, there are plenty of opportunities for willing tourists to find sustainable and environmentally sound activities throughout Australia.

Australia's Best Eco-Friendly Holidays

This book functions as a practical guide book, including detailed information on the activities and accommodation it promotes as being eco-friendly, but is also a large format book with attractive photographs which make a sustainable Down Under vacation seem like a particularly good idea. It is divided into sections according to states, and also includes a chapter on “far flung” adventures to lesser known offshore Australia, including places like Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.

At the beginning of each section, Eastwood has compiled a “Top Ten” list of the most interesting eco attractions in each state and these provide a good guide and food for thought in the planning stages of a trip. There are even maps included which are comprehensive enough to be useful but still fit in to the overall attractiveness of the book. Even for those who are not particularly set on an eco-holiday, there are still some great ideas to be found in this guide.
Creative Commons License Photo credit: robstephaustralia