Book Review: 500 Places to Take Your Kids

Better than many of the current flock of “places to go before …” travel guide books, Frommer’s 500 Places to Take Your Kids Before They Grow Up by Holly Hughes and Julie Duchaine makes a sensible point: there are some places that you can visit that your kids might enjoy the most while they are still kids, and it seems to me that it is worthwhile to make a list of these.

500 Places to Take Your Kids

Instead of the regular doomsday information in books like 500 Places to See Before They Disappear (also from Holly Hughes, incidentally, who obviously loves lists), this guide has a good selection of tourist sights across the globe that are suitable to travel to and enjoy with children. The places are divided into seventeen different categories, so that traveling families can pick out the themes that best suit the interests of their children and family, such as animals, science, medieval times, sports, and so on.

Each destination listing has a page or more of information, including the age range for which it is suitable, a detailed description of what to see and do there, conntact details and website information, how to get there and usually a hotel recommendation too, and finally, a snappy “why the kids will thank you” one sentence summary. At the end of the book, maps show the various sights by continent to help you with trip planning or just trip dreaming.
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