Book Review: 100 Greatest Trips

There’s no disputing that the late 2009 edition of Travel + Leisure magazine’s glossy coffee table book 100 Greatest Trips is a beautiful book, but it should really be renamed “100 Greatest Trips To Places Western Tourists Are Likely To Go”. While all the continents are represented in the book, there’s a huge emphasis on trips within North America and Western Europe, with very little attention paid to Africa or South America and a whole lot of special destinations in Australia and Eastern Europe missing as well.

100 Greatest Trips

Having said that, it’s still a lovely book to browse through if you are in the mood for daydreaming about future trips. Each of the 100 trips is really just a mere suggestion of a destination, often focused on one aspect like dining or shopping, but there are unique ideas included which might be the spark of your plan to travel to a particular destination. Color photographs illustrate the trip pages and at the back of the book, a basic guide to each destination with some information on hotels, restaurants and attractions rounds out the book. Towards the very back is one particular useful but not very prominent page – an index to the trips arranged into categories like beaches, nightlife, drives, adventure and shopping, a useful list if you’re looking for trip inspiration to suit your traveling style.
Creative Commons License Photo credit: ppz