Best Spas in Miami

Miami is an oasis for the rich and famous but it’s still accessible and affordable for people who have average incomes and don’t travel with paparazzi in tow. This creates a unique blend of people looking to simply experience fun in the sun on the coast. When your primary goal is one of relaxation and enjoyment then it’s no wonder that people in Miami flock to the local spas to enhance that experience. Use the following guide of top spas in Miami to find the best spa for your needs.

The Biltmore Spa Coral Gables

The Biltmore Spa Coral Gables does what every other spa does, it creates a sanctuary of relaxation through ambience and atmosphere. But the Biltmore Sap Coral Gables gives a little more because it folds in the luxury of Miami. To whisk you away to the spa retreat you cross a bamboo bridge and are immediately immersed in a wave of citrus and green tea aromas as you head to one of the 12 treatment rooms. In addition to your spa treatments, which include French Chardonnay grape seeds, you have access to the hotel’s signature 23,000 square foot pool, the largest swimming pool in the United States. In fact your massage can occur poolside if you’d like to rent one of the luxury cabanas. The menu of services includes massages, facials, body treatments and a full service beauty salon.

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental provides its guests with their special trademarked Spa Time Rituals. You’ll relax with a holistic approach to calming and soothing the soul. The philosophies are not just oriental in nature but come from around the world so that you can receive a highly personalized treatment which will lift your soul.


Agua Spa at the Delano Hotel

Agua Spa at the Delano Hotel

The Agua Spa at the Delano Hotel provides some of the best views of the ocean and Miami around. Tucked onto the roof of the Delano Hotel, the Agua Spa is doused in white with a private terrace and 360 degree views of the surrounding area. There are yoga and similar classes available for those who want to relax and stretch their muscles through their own steam, but there is also a full selection of massage options. After or before your massage you can relax on the rooftop and enjoy the serene environment.

The Spa at Doral

The Spa at Doral is undergoing a renovation so if you’d like to experience their top notch therapists then this is the time to do so with a discount. But after October 2009 the spa will be up and running in its refreshed environment and probably better than ever. The menu of spa treatments at the Doral is extremely extensive with more than 100 treatments including nail and hair care. There is also a state of the art exercise center and a registered dietician/nutritionist for those with health concerns or just want a refresher course in healthy lifestyles. The Doral is known for its luxurious environs so it’s certain that the new spa will provide as much relaxation and enhancement in your life as its predecessor, maybe even more.

The Spa at Shore Club

The Spa at Shore Club is another rooftop oasis with approximately 8,000 square feet of spa facilities available to guests of the hotel or the spa. The incredible views are relaxing enough but there is so much more to experience at the Shore Club. Choose between wet and dry treatment rooms, outdoor terraces, and massage decks in addition to exclusive products. The spa menu includes a variety of massage, facials, body treatments and nail care. All treatments can take place in private suites or the outdoor terraces.

Setai Spa in Miami

Setai Spa in Miami

The Setai

The Setai Spa brings a bit of the Pacific Rim to South Beach with treatments designed to restore and realign the body and spirit. Exclusive, private suites make your personalized treatment even more intimate. Each suite has ocean and pool views, a private bath and a steam room. There is even enough room for two of you to enjoy your massages together. Their carefully crafted packages are designed to give you complete relief and open your senses through tension relief, improved blood flow, and calming touch.

Imagos Day Spa

Imagos Day Spa is a wellness center that is designed to promote relaxation and a sense of well being in its clients. Imagos goes further than the hotel spa and provides medical and aesthetic treatments in addition to the standard spa therapy and body care products. You can also find a dermatology expert, nutritionist, and Pilates and yoga instructors to help you achieve a new and improved you. Imagos is a fantastic spa if you’re looking for something a little more invasive than a relaxing massage or if you really want to see results that can have a long lasting effect on your psyche.

Massage by Design Spa

Massage by Design Spa gives clients a safe, secure and comfortable atmosphere in which to relax and restore their body, mind and spirit. Their holistic approach to reinvigorating uplifts the soul and refreshes the body. Massage by Design Spa specializes in large parties or group events so this is the perfect place for a girl’s pampering party, a bachelorette party, or a special event. There are a huge variety of massages that can be custom ordered to suit your particular needs.

Ugo di Roma Salon & Day Spa

Ugo di Roma Salon & Day Spa is owned and run by Ugo di Roma, one of the most sought after stylists in Florida. His spa offers the latest and most cutting edge beauty services and treatments. The spa often is packed with visiting celebrities or the noted locals because Roma knows how to mix luxury and technology and come up with incredible results. The menu at Ugo di Roma Salon & Day Spa features a full array of treatments which range from hair care to microderm abrasion.

This is just a small spattering of wonderful spa options available in Miami and all of the good spas are quite often frequented by celebrities looking for a vacation treat. If you’re interested in celebrity watching, keep your eyes on the tabloids and see which one of these day spas in Miami seems to be attracting the attention of the stars.