Best Beaches of Caribbean

Pristine white sands, crystal clear turquoise waters, and palm trees swaying in warm gentle breezes, these are the images that come to mind when you think of Caribbean Beaches. These are some of our favorite Caribbean Beaches to visit and relax on.

Cayo Largo Del Sur

Playa paradiso with starfish-Topyti398Creative Commons License Photo credit: Topyti

Playa paradiso with starfish

Cayo Largo Del Sur is a small Cuban resort island located in Cuba’s Canarreos Archipelago off of the island’s southern coast. The island, which was once used as a pirate base, has now become popular among tourists looking for untouched beaches, as there are no permanent residents on the island. Scuba diving is especially popular among visitors to Cayo Largo because of the clear waters and the living coral reefs. Cayo Largo remains one of the world’s most enchanting tropical paradises.


Shoal Bay, Anguilla, British West Indies-maggieandcharles183Creative Commons License Photo credit: maggieandcharles

Shoal Bay, Anguilla

Anguilla is the ideal place to go if you seek tranquility, relaxation, and escape from the demands of a fast paced life. This exclusive island community offers 33 pristine beaches that have been ranked time and again as some of the best beaches in the world by top travel magazines. While you may not want to visit Anguilla for thrills and adventure, it is the perfect destination for a calming vacation with your family.

Little Bay

Little Bay, Anguilla-aturkus864Creative Commons License Photo credit: aturkus

Little Bay, Anguilla

Little Bay is a beach located on Anguilla, a rather unique Caribbean community featuring exclusivity and tranquility. Compared to many of the accessible beaches on Anguilla, Little Bay requires a climb or a ferry service to access, but the pristine beach and the clear waters are worth the visit. True to its name, Little Bay is somewhat small, which means that during peak tourist season it becomes crowded so make sure to visit early if you want to experience the beach with minimal distractions.


Antigua beach-Rob Inh00d297Creative Commons License Photo credit: Rob Inh00d

Antigua beach

Antigua is an island located in the West Indies that has become very prosperous due to its bustling tourism industry, as well as for its popularity among offshore bankers and internet gamblers. The island has also become a destination for the rich and famous, with celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Eric Clapton owning homes on Antigua. Visitors to Antigua can enjoy the island’s staggering selection of pristine beaches, a luxury for which the island has become famous.


Bottom Bay-gemteck1893Creative Commons License Photo credit: gemteck1

Bottom Bay

Barbados’ Bottom Bay is a wide beach enclosed by high coral cliffs and covered in palm trees, an idyllic setting for a day on the beach. Although Bottom Bay has long been a popular tourist destination, it is also becoming a popular residential area as more and more people build homes on the cliffs overlooking the water. Strong waves mean that one should most likely avoid swimming in the waters, but Bottom Bay is a great place to picnic and to watch for turtles and whales.

Grand Cayman

Cayman Islands 2005 015-Salvatore.Freni55Creative Commons License Photo credit: Salvatore.Freni

Cayman Islands Seven Mile Beach

Grand Cayman island’s Seven Mile Beach is a world-renowed tourist destination, known far and wide for its immense beauty. Because of its popularity, Seven Mile Beach is the most developed part of Grand cayman and is home to the most exclusive hotels and resorts on the island. The entire beach is public property, which means one can walk all the way down the beach past resorts and hotels. The calm waters offer great snorkelling opportunities and the beach is very family-friendly.


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Reggae Beach

Reggae Beach is located in the Jamaican community of Ocho Rios and it offers a quiet getaway for visitors to the area. Known as Ocho Rios’s best beach, Reggae Beach is privately and owned and requires a small admission fee to access the beach. With pristine sand and calm waters, Reggae Beach is worth the visit, as you can spend time relaxing on the sand or visit the beach bar to listen to some authentic reggae music. Reggae Beach is a great out-of-the-way destination for visitors to the area.


Palmtree in the wind-Antoine Hubert575Creative Commons License Photo credit: Antoine Hubert


Martinique offers a tantalizing mix of French culture with the unmistakeable beauty of the Caribbean. The island’s southern coast is covered in white sandy beaches: here, the water is especially great for swimming and snorkelling because of coral reef barriers that keep the water calm. The island’s northern coast offers a completely different experience in the form of black sand beaches and lush tropical forests. Whichever destination you choose, Martinique is a one-of-a-kind Caribbean vacation.

Saint Lucia

jade mountain + anse chastanet from the water-qubitsu498Creative Commons License Photo credit: qubitsu

jade mountain on St Lucia

Saint Lucia is located in the eastern Caribbean Sea right on the boundary between the sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The island’s peak tourist season is from January to April as this is the island’s dry season, when tourists can most comfortably enjoy the island’s tropical weather, pristine beaches, and world-class resorts. Saint Lucia offers a host of unique tourist attractions, such as a drive-in volcano called SUlphur Springs, the Pigeon Island National Park, and the Botanical Gardens.

U.S. Virgin Islands

UBeach-Serge Melki738Creative Commons License Photo credit: Serge Melki

Magen's Bay

Magen’s Bay is located in the U.S. Virgin Islands and it has been described by National Geographic Magazine as one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the entire world. Featuring pristine white sand, turquoise waters, and a distinct “U” shape, Magen’s Bay is extremely popular among visitors to the island. The water is almost hauntingly clear and calm, making it an ideal snorkelling and swimming destination, but no matter what you decide to do at Magen’s Bay, the visit is worth it.


IMG_0533-acme926Creative Commons License Photo credit: acme


When anyone hears the words “tropical paradise,” the first place they will most likely think of is the Bahamas. As an extremely popular tourist destination, the Bahamas offers every kind of fun activity there is, from snorkeling to bird watching to scuba diving. Whether you want to rough it and explore an undeveloped island of the Bahamas or stay in a five-star luxury resort, the Bahamas offers the fantasy vacation of a lifetime.

Eagle Beach

Aruba Divi Tree - Eagle Beach-Serge Melki277Creative Commons License Photo credit: Serge Melki

Aruba Divi Tree - Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach is known as one of the best beaches in Aruba, featuring white sand, calm waters, and lots of activity. Located just south of Aruba’s Palm Beach, Eagle Beach is very popular among tourists and locals alike and gets very crowded on weekends and during peak tourist seasons. However, the vast amount of amenities in and around the beach make Eagle Beach an excellent destination for those who want to spend an exciting day on the beach.

British Virgin Islands

DSC_0368-superde1uxe603Creative Commons License Photo credit: superde1uxe

Smugglers Cove British Virgin Islands

Smuggler’s Cove is a beach located in the British Virgin Islands and it offers a wonderful way to experience the tropical lifestyle. Smuggler’s Cove offers a quiet, tranquil beach experience, as it is usually very uncrowded, and it has become especially popular among snorkelers because of its calm waters. This is an ideal beach to bring the whole family, as the waters are calm and the beach is very quiet. In all, Smuggler’s Cove is an excellent destination for beach lovers.


Grand Anse Beach-Jason Pratt737Creative Commons License Photo credit: Jason Pratt

Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse Beach is located on Grenada and it is known for pristine white sand, turquoise waters, and friendly locals. While the beach is beautiful enough to warrant spending a day relaxing there, Grand Anse Beach also offers plenty of shopping up and down the beach from local vendors, a charming experience. There is plenty of activity at Grand Anse beach but it also manages to remain relatively quiet and uncrowded, making it great for families.


leaping_dolphins-Zest-pk857Creative Commons License Photo credit: Zest-pk

leaping dolphins in Honduras

Honduras’ Roatan Island is a great destination for adventure travelers as it has not yet managed to flesh out its accommodations to the extent that many Caribbean resort spots have. Instead of luxury resorts, you will find a community that is striving to improve, but there is still plenty to do and see at Roatan Island. There are plenty of water activities that you can pursue, such as scuba diving and deep sea fishing, but you can also explore the lush tropical scenery.

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