Bamboo Socks

It’s green, its earth-friendly, its comfortable and a travel product you do not want to be without. It is bamboo socks.

Bamboo can now be spun into a rayon-like material and woven into fabrics, including socks. The bamboo clothing is especially conducive to socks and travelers because bamboo naturally wicks away moisture and has built-in odor reducing qualities.

A performance sock will give you the comfort and fit you need to keep the sock in place without and sliding or bunching for hiking excursions, it will also provide a little bit of arch support to complement the contours of your feet. The proven construction that features additional padding on the bottom for support works hand in hand with a more open and thin weave on the top, giving you more ventilation.

Some hikers have reported that they can wear the socks for several days in a row without retaining significant odor issues. But if you’re not on the move constantly, consider rinsing the socks nightly and letting them hang to dry. You’ll get a more fresh and comfortable pair of socks that continues to perform to the highest standards time and again. And you’ll keep a smile on your face knowing that you’re helping protect the environment with a wonderful renewable resource like bamboo.

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