Aztalan Pyramids

If pyramids excite you and make you feel like traveling, how about a trip to Wisconsin? Believe it or not, the Midwestern state is home to an ancient village and ceremonial complex, complete with pyramidal mounds, from somewhere between AD 1000 to 1300. Not much is specifically known about the group that constructed these pyramids as they have long since disappeared, but it is believed that they share cultural traditions with the Cahokia settlement in Illinois.

The pyramids are truly more mound than skyscraper and have actually been reconstructed to give visitors a feel for how they originally appeared. A stockade has also been restored to add to the native landscape.

Aztalan State Park is open to the public from 6 am to 11 pm daily. The area is mainly open prairie, representative of most of the state’s south central region, which makes it perfect for long hikes and picnics. Visitors can also fish, boat or canoe along the Crawfish River, although no boat launch is available. North of the park is the Aztalan Museum which features relics from the 19th Century, including two pioneer churches.