Australia’s Archibald Fountain

The Archibald Fountain was built in 1932 by the French sculptor, Francois Sicard, to commemorate the bond between France and Australia during the first World War. Mr. J.F. Archibald set up a fund to pay for the fountain along with instructions as to how he wanted his personal gift to the City of Sydney constructed. 

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Archibald Fountain

Set near the center of Hyde Park, Archibald Fountain’s main pool has six sides surrounded by colored paving stones laid in such a way that a sunburst pattern appears from above. A bronze statue of Apollo stands, one arm extended, atop a pedestal at the highest point of the structure. Horse heads beneath Apollo depict the horses that pulled Apollo’s chariot and spout water from their nostrils toward a massive raised bowl from which bronze fish spit streams of water toward the 6 bronze turtles who reply from the main pool.

From the beneath the main bowl of the fountain extend three stone rectangles that divide the main pool into three sections. Jets of water rush from each portion in such a way that it appears that each grouping of figures sits on a floating raft. Atop one, the bronze form of Diana sits beside a stag, her left arm reaches out holding a bow. On another segment, a group of smaller figures depicts the good things in life. On the third section, a massive figure of Theseus slays a Minotaur.

More than 80 years after its construction, Archibald Fountain continues to impress visitors with its classical depictions and massive size.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Tammy Manet

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Tammy Manet

Australia 018
Creative Commons License photo credit: dormousie

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Tammy Manet

Archibald Fountain - Hyde Park, Sydney
Creative Commons License photo credit: artorusrex

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