Get Your Australian English Phrasebook

Did you think they spoke English in Australia? Well, sometimes they do, but the “Aussie” language has quite a few differences to American or British English. The third edition to Lonely Planet’s phrasebook came out last year and it’s both an interesting and a useful book to take with you on a journey Down Under.

Lonely Planet’s phrasebook

Lonely Planet’s phrasebook

The phrasebook is arranged by themes, including lifestyle and society, transport, food and drink, sport and entertainment. These sections include both information about the Australian way of life in these areas, and collections of useful Australian phrases. For example, you can learn that if an Australian says they’re going to the “dunny”, they mean the bathroom, and if they tell you to walk on the “footpath”, they mean the sidewalk or the pavement.

There are also extensive sections explaining some of the most popular sports in Australia. Australian Rules Football, which is quite different to any other kind of football played around the world, gets a few pages, and so does cricket, which Australians like to play and watch in the summer.

The second half of Australian Language and Culture looks at indigenous languages. The various tribes of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia are thought to have had 250 distinct languages, but some of these have already become instinct. But reading this information will help you have a better understanding of the indigenous cultures you’ll come across if you travel across Australia.

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