Art Galleries and Museums in Baltimore

Baltimore is a great city to visit and a delightful treat for visitors who are interested in finding a bit more culture. There a numerous art galleries and museums in Baltimore for people with almost every interest. Use the following guide of art galleries and museums in Baltimore to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Walters Art Museum

A noted art museum in the area and throughout the world, the Walters Art Museum features a collection of art that stretches from pre-dynastic Egypt to 20th Century Europe. This collection was originally amassed by William T. Walters and his son, Henry. The pair collected around 22,000 original works of art which spanned a remarkable 55 centuries of art. The collection was donated to Baltimore and now holds approximately 28,000 pieces. It’s truly a must see for art enthusiasts and historical buffs.

Babe Ruth’s Birthplace and Museum

All sports fans know that a trip to Baltimore isn’t complete without a stop at Babe Ruth’s Birthplace and Museum. The baseball great, George Herman (Babe) Ruth was born in a Baltimore row house at 216 Emory Street on February 6, 1895. The home and surrounding neighborhood had fallen into disrepair and were scheduled for demolition by the 1960’s but some quick thinking by Hirsch Goldberg, the then mayoral press secretary, saved the home and had it restored and reopened as a museum to honor a man who is perhaps Baltimore’s most famous sports legend.

American Visionary Art Museum

The American Visionary Art Museum, or AVAM, is a wonder for all visitors, it stretches the imagination and challenges it to come up with even greater and grander ideas. It’s the place were non-traditional art is displayed, enjoyed, pondered and sometimes even hated. AVAM offers new views onto the world which cannot be found anywhere else.

Baltimore Museum of Industry

The Baltimore Museum of Industry was created in 1977 as a project proposed by the mayor’s office as a way to preserve the industrial history of the downtown region of Baltimore. The galleries recreate parts of a cannery, a 1900 garment loft and machine shop, a print shop, Dr. Bunting’s Pharmacy, and several exhibits related to the food industry. In addition, the Baltimore Museum of Industry houses the Decker Gallery; the nation’s oldest surviving steam tug, the Steam Tug Baltimore; and a library packed with more than 5,000 volumes of rare and historic books.

Port Discovery Children’s Museum

For little ones there’s nothing more fun that discovering a new children’s museum and all it has to offer, the Port Discovery Children’s Museum is no exception. Port Discovery not only has permanent exhibits which include Wonders of Water “WOW”!, a 1950’s diner, Kid Club Gallery with numerous masterpieces by local children, a Mystery House, a relaxing Oasis, Sensation Station, Adventure Expeditions featuring the 1920’s Egypt, Royal Farms Fill’er Up Station and a many more. But Port Discovery also features traveling exhibits which make this museum worth visiting again and again.

Star-Spangled Banner Flag House & 1812 Museum

The Star-Spangled Banner Flag House is a wonderful chance for the entire family to take part in an interactive experience that focuses on one of the most important stories of our country, the creation of the flat the inspired the National Anthem of the United States. The home was built in 1793 and served as both home and place of business for Mary Pickersgill, the maker of the flag that prompted the famous poem by Francis Scott Key. The home has been lovingly restored to its original interior and guests are taken on a guided tour full of interactive displays and live characters.

Maryland Sciences Center

An exciting visit for both kids and adults, the Maryland Sciences Center has a number of exhibits, both permanent and traveling, which inspire wonder and awe in the world we live in. The Maryland Academy of Sciences is Maryland’s oldest scientific institution and one of the oldest institutions of its kind in the United States. Beginning in 1797 the Academy was established for amateurs to explore and discuss what were referred to as natural sciences. In 2004 the museum was expanded and includes many more exhibits and learning centers for even more fun and exploration.

The USS Constellation Historic Ships Museum

For a very unique historical experience, make time to spend at The USS Constellation Historic Ships Museum. The USS Constellation was the last all sail warship built by the U.S. Navy and rests in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Tour the museum and see what life was like for Civil War era sailors.

B&O Railroad Museum

If the hands on tour of the USS Constellation was exciting to you then you’re bound to love the Baltimore & Ohio or B&O Railroad Museum. The museum initially started in the 19th century as a publicity agent developed a trade show exhibit. The exhibit survived and is now considered a national treasure of railroad artifacts. In addition to all of the wonderful historic exhibits, you can hop aboard for a trip along the first commercial rail road track in the United States.

Jewish Museum of Maryland

The Jewish Museum of Maryland is considered the leading museum of regional Jewish history, culture and community. Originally founded in 1960 as a way to rescue and restore the historic Lloyd Street Synagogue the museum has since become a cultural icon for the Jewish community in Maryland. Today the Jewish Museum of Maryland has expanded to include the B’nai Israel Synagogues and a modern, more traditional museum building with permanent and traveling exhibits.

Art Gallery of Fells Point

For more art try the Art Gallery of Fells Point which is a non-profit cooperative established in 1980 by a small group of artists looking to help themselves, others, and art in the greater Baltimore area. You’ll find a huge variety of art forms from unique and talented artists. Many of the artists associated with the Art Gallery of Fells Point are nationally or internationally recognized and many of them have collected a number of awards for their artwork. The best part about the Art Gallery of Fells Point is you can take home your favorite piece of art, for a price of course.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Alan Cordova