Arabian Airpass Takes You Around the Middle East

Ever-expanding airline Emirates has made its main hub of Dubai an increasingly popular stopover point for long-haul journeys between many continents. Now that Dubai is starting to become a recognized destination of its own, it seems that Emirates is ready to cash in on its routes to other countries in the Middle East region and they have recently started offering customers the Arabian Airpass.

This new deal is available to any Emirates passengers who have paid more than $500 for a return flight to Dubai. They are then eligible to add on Arabian Airpass tickets to twelve different destinations in the region, including Cairo, Doha, Beirut, Tehran, Amman and Riyadh. The prices range from US$50 to $150 for one way passes, and you must return to Dubai. Compared to other possibilities, this is certainly a very reasonably priced way to discover some more Middle Eastern destinations and it’s at a price where you can afford to do so for a one or two-night quick trip.

There are not too many restrictions involved, apart from the requirement to buy all your tickets at the outset; there are no minimum trip length rules either. For each Dubai trip there is, however, a maximum of six flight coupons available per passenger.
Creative Commons License Photo credit: malpo90