Animal Kingdom Attractions

Discovery Island – a centrally located area in Animal Kingdom, it is the home of the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is a majestic 145 focal point of the park.

It’s Tough To Be A Bug – located inside the Tree of Life, this 8 minute 3D presentation allows audience members to enter the world of insects.

Africa – this section of the park transports you to an African village where you can experience shopping, dining and a 110 acre African safari.

Kilimanjaro Safaris – this 20 minute safari takes you on an adventurous ride through the Serengeti. You board tour jeeps in large groups as your driver/tour guide takes you past animals that include zebras, hippos, elephants, giraffes and lions. .

TIP: Try to visit this attraction first thing in the morning – the animals seem to be most active at this time.

Pangani Forest Exploration Trail – this self guided trail allows you visit African animals including gorillas as you explore at your own pace.

Rafiki’s Planet Watch – to visit this area you will need to board a train at the Harambe Train Station for a 5 minute ride to Rafiki’s Planet Watch. Once you reach this area you can visit the area at your own pace. There are several exhibits both indoors and out

Asia – this area of the park highlights the animals of the Asian continent. Here you will find ride attractions, walking trails, dining and shopping options.

Expedition Everest – Guests board this roller coaster attraction and are
taken on a ride high a top the mountains, and into the dark caves of the Himalaya mountains. Disney uses the legend of the Yeti to bring in the element of suspense This is one of Disney’s best attractions and is the top attraction at the Animal Kingdom park. Expect long lines, and use FastPass.

Kali River Rapids – board a 12 seat circular river raft to experience this water attraction. Be warned this is a bumpy and very wet attraction. You must be at least 38 inches to ride – persons with heart, neck or other health conditions and those women who are pregnant are advised not to ride.

Maharajah Jungle Trek
– this self guided tour will take you past various animals of Asia. Don’t miss the special area devoted to giant fruit bats.

Flights of Wonder – this 20 presentation highlights more than 20 different species of birds as they perform in this open air theater. Check your times guide for daily performance schedules.

Dinoland USA – this area is devoted to dinosaurs and includes dining options, shopping and several attractions.

Dinosaur – this attraction takes riders back 65 million years to the Cretaceous Period. This attraction is very intense and takes place in darkness. You must be at least 40 inches tall to ride and guests with heart, neck or other health conditions should not ride. Pregnant woman should not ride.

TIP: You can find a little known restroom across from the entrance of the Dinosaur attraction. It never seems to be crowded.

The Boneyard – this area is designed for young children, and contains areas for digging for dino bones, and other activities. Children will love spending time here.

Primeval Whirl – a wild roller coaster ride that has spinning cars that seem to be ready to fall off their tracks. You must be at least 48 inches to ride.

Triceratop Spin – this Dumbo type ride has 16 flying dinos that young children will want to enjoy over and over again.

TIP: The controls that enable the dinosaur to rise up and down are in the back of the vehicle. If your child wants to man the controls you will need to sit in the rear of the dinosaur.

Tarzan Rocks – this long running attraction closed officially in the Winter of 2005. Disney plans to replace this with a Finding Nemo themed show.

Camp Minnie-Mickey – this area is a great place where guests can find characters for photos, autographs or hugs. As you work your way into this area you will see several trails marked with character names. This is a great place for guests to visit with their favorite Disney characters.

TIP: There is a little known restroom at the back of the Camp Minnie-Mickey area. It never seems to be very crowded.

Festival of the Lion King – this 30 minute show is presented throughout the day at the park. Guest sit in a circular theater, where songs from the film, The Lion King are performed. The audience is involved in the show and some children are even asked to perform in the finale.

Kid Areas
– as you travel around Animal Kingdom you will find Kid areas where children can stop and learn about different animals and ecology. They will be given a small kid guide booklet that will be stamped as the complete each activity at each stop.

Another fun thing to watch for in Animal Kingdom is the talking garbage cans. They can be found in areas around the park, but have been known to spend time at Rafki’s Planet Watch. These talking cans roam around the park, looking just like a real garbage can, however they can “see” and “talk” to park guests. They are quite a hit with park guests. Kids love to dance around the can as they try to figure out how it works!