An idea whose time has come: Drive-through check in

Starting in November, Virgin Atlantic is offering business class travelers to do a drive-through check-in at Heathrow Airport.
It works like this: The car that’s bringing you to the airport drives up a special ramp to the first floor area near Departures in Terminal 3. A host meets you, tags your luggage and checks you in then and there, with no queuing or dealing with what they call “the Heathrow hassle.” Then you walk through a dedicated fast-track security check.

According to Virgin Atlantic staff, the processing time for passengers arriving at the drive-through check-in will be a maximum of 10 minutes. That’s going to sound pretty attractive to anybody waiting for an hour or two or more at another airline; until, that is, all the airlines get a drive-through service!

By: Phillip CapperCreative Commons License

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