What is US Airways Carry on Luggage Policy?

Like every airline, US Airways has a carry on luggage policy that must be followed. This holds true no matter where you are flying to and from, or your status as a passenger. You are permitted to carry on one bag as well as one personal item. Your personal item can include a purse, laptop bag, briefcase, etc.

Carry on bags must be stowed in carry on compartments, in an overhead bin, or under a seat. This helps to ensure that size limits are adhered to, and of course, to keep passengers and crew safe.

The size requirement is simple to understand. Carry on items must not measure larger than 51 inches or dimensions of 11 x 14 x 26 in. Knowing this size restriction should make it easy for you to decide which bags to carry on and how much you can bring with you.

While US Airways has a carry on policy, passengers must also follow TSA restrictions. For example, no more than 3 ounces of liquid or gels can be carried on, and these items must fit in a sealable liter or quart sized bag.

Being aware of US Airways carry on luggage policy can make your time at the airport and in the air much more enjoyable.

By: Roger SchultzCreative Commons License