Airport Travel Tips

If you want to get through the airport faster and with more ease, use the following travel tips to help you breeze right through, saving both time and hassle.

Dress the part. Avoid wearing metal at all, even underwire bras, as you’ll be either asked to take off the metal item or be pushed aside for a more thorough pat down.

Take it off. Get ready to take off your coat and shoes. This is just the way it is now and arguing with the security guards isn’t going to change a thing. Get ready for the security check and wear clothing that can be quickly doffed and donned.

Be prepared. Have your boarding pass and identification handy and ready to show anyone who asks. If you’re traveling abroad, keep that passport just as accessible.

Organize your carry on. A clear x-ray needs to be taken of your carry on bag and if the security personnel cannot see everything they’ll have to open your bag and go through it manually.

3-1-1 Rule. The airline restricts fluids that can be carried on a plane the rule is only 3 ounce bottles or smaller, stored in one clear zip-top 1 quart bag, and one bag per person.

These flight tips should have your breezing through security and on your flight as quickly as possible. Just remember they’re doing their job and ultimately their goal is everybody’s safety.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Digo_Souza