Airport Spa Massages

Business travel can be stressful. You’re running from here to there, trying to make connecting flights, worried that you aren’t going to be where you need to be on time. You’re eating on the run which means you aren’t feeling your best. And let’s face it, you’re just generally uncomfortable because airplane seats aren’t designed for frequent travel (even in business class, it’s true) and your neck pillow can’t keep that crick out of your neck on long trips. It sounds like what you need is a massage!

And your airport knows that this is exactly what you need in between flights. An airport massage will help you to relax, making you feel better about your trip and just better in general. Instead of stressing out, you can de-stress underneath the kneading fingers of a trained professional masseuse or masseur. And if you have to get going on your business calls and meetings as soon as your flight lands, you’ll feel rejuvenated enough by your massage to be able to do so.

Depending on how much time you have, you can get a foot massage, a chair massage or a full body treatment. In fact, many massage spas also have airport salons so you can get a mani/pedi and a haircut if you’re in need of one. Talk about stepping off the plane and being ready for business! For more information about one spa that’s got several different airport locations, visit the D_Parture Spa website. It’ll give you a great idea of what options are out there for helping you de-stress during your trip.

By: Sharon Hahn DarlinCC BY 2.0