747 Things to Keep You Busy In Flight

It’s pretty hard to find anyone who really enjoys flying these days: whether it’s checking in, waiting at the boarding gate for a delayed flight, being up in the air or waiting for your luggage at the other end, there’s a lot of moments where boredom can set in.

747 Things to Do On A Plane

747 Things to Do On A Plane

That’s the premise Justin Cord Hayes has based his new book 747 Things To Do On A Plane on. It’s a fun and travelable book which is basically a long list of activities to amuse and distract you while traveling.

The activities are divided up into some useful categories, like writing activities, things to do with children, games and even a collection of pranks you can try. While at first glance this book seems more like a novelty gift that will just stay on your shelf, the more you read the more it seems like a book that you might actually enjoy taking on a flight.

I’m especially keen on the “Lists” chapter, which gives you a bunch of ideas for writing lists during your flight. For example, “List the top ten happiest moments of your life” and “List the worst ten dates you’ve ever been on” could both produce some interesting ideas and definitely help you pass the time.

Creative Commons License photo credit: irishflyguy