500 Journeys of a Lifetime Might Be Too Many

51mlqevmu8l_sl500_aa240_The National Geographic coffee table book Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 of the World’s Greatest Trips is big, heavy, and pretty exciting to open up for any lovers of travel. It’s full of colorful pictures, intriguing maps and enticing paragraphs explaining why we should head to a particular destination; each journey also includes a bullet point list of highlights of the region and some small print information on when to go, how to plan and some insider information.

But personally, as exciting as this book is to look at, I don’t think it’s one I would use to plan a trip. It really just suits a coffee table experience: something you can pick up occasionally and flick through, perhaps providing some inspiration for a future trip you might take or simply being an interesting read. Some of their list pages are especially interesting: the “Top 10 city bus trips” actually lists a bus number to take to get a nice view of a city, and the “Top 10 long distance trails” suggests some great hiking routes. The journeys themselves are arranged into nine chapters roughly based on themes like water, culture, food and transport. It’s a great book to have lying around for when you feel the need to escape a little from your everyday life.