5 Effective Tips for Traveling on a Budget

Despite the recession we still hope to get some good rest this summer. And enjoyable one, of course. What we don’t want though is to think only about the money when go traveling. So let’s have a look at a few fun ways to save money while traveling and avoid going too far into budgeting:

1. Find travel deals

The Internet offers plenty of ways to spot a timely travel deal. Best Travel Deals is one of the options to consider. I chose this site for two reasons:

  • It is community-based: find deals shared and recommended by real people like you;
  • It is regularly updated and a pleasure to browse!

Best Travel Deals

2. Do it yourself

Alright, probably you are more used to package-tour groups where you just go where the guide wants you to and everything is planned and scheduled for you. But traveling by yourself is fun too and more money-saving either! Just grab a map and plan your own trip!

3. Rent cars away from the airport

A car rented nearby the airport (as well as a taxi) is most often too expensive. Car sharing is another way to save some money – it involves paying lower rates when you only need the car for a short time.

4. Pre-pay for meals

There are a number of web sites allowing to plan and pre-pay for meals worldwide. Restaurant.com is the best-known website for ding that. Just enter the zip codes for the places you plan to visit, and plan your meals beforehand.


5. Get flexible

Very often we are ready to pay extra money only for the sake of sticking to the initial plan. Changing your plans is both fun and can save you a fortune!

By: Thomas & Dianne JonesCC BY 2.0